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smart-Forum Übersicht » » Werdende SMARTies » » Werdende Cabrio CDI Passion'ist - Sonderausstattung? (im English!)
Autor Werdende Cabrio CDI Passion'ist - Sonderausstattung? (im English!)
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registriert seit: 11.2.2005

  erstellt am 17.02.2005 11:02  eMail  Profil  Zitieren

Hello all, I am from Denmark and speak a little German, enough to read and enjoy your forum! Sorry, though, that I cannot write very well in German.

I am considering ordering a Fortwo Cabrio CDI Passion, and I am in doubt about what extras I should order? What is really helpful, and what is not worth the money?

I was thinking:
- Smart Sound Paket
- Seitenairbags
- (Vielleicht Cockpit uhr/ Drehzahl messer?)
- Kombifilter
- Tempomat (That is cruise control - right?)
- Getränkehalter
- Windschott
- Zweiklang fanfare

I especially wanted an IPOD holder and a Mittelarmlehne - but it does not look as if I can order that?

Also, I have not included any new ties/wheels - should I?
Also: What radio is standard? Should I order another one?

Any suggestions are more than welcome!

Many thanks, Mads from Denmark

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registriert seit: 30.8.2004
Kennzeichen: C-EC 68

  erstellt am 17.02.2005 13:41  eMail  Profil  www  Zitieren

Hello Vinter,

I know,that my english is not perfect. but I hope, I can hlep You a little bit.

My mind to your extras:

Soundpaket: Buy it! Normally are in the Smart only two small Radiospeakers. Wit the "Soundpaket" you have two Bass-Reflex-Speakers and two tweeters. The Sound is better.
As standard you have no Radio in this Vehicles (in Germany,it can be other in Denmark), only the Radio-Antenna and the cables.
The Radio with CD has in Germany a very high price (390 EUR). It´s better you buy a good CD-Radio in a HiFi-Market.

Seitenairbags: Buy it! Very important for your security by a crash.

Uhr/Drehzahlmesser: I my mind it´s nice.

Kombifilter: ok.

Tempomat: Correct, it´s the cruise control. I don´t need it, but in Denmark (you have a speed limit 120 km/h on the motorway, right?)
it´s a good extra.

Getränkehalter+Zweiklangfanfare: ok.

My "Mittelarmlehne " I have from a tuning-shop. You can have a look by this tuning shop.

Normally you have bei the passion-model light-metal-wheels. But you have by the cdi only the small tyres 135/70R15 front and 175/55R15 rear.
You have a better drive-feeling with new light-metal wheels and tyres 175 R15 front and 195 R15 rear.
Ask your Smart-Dealer if you can by this wheels or have a look by a tuning-shop in the internet.

I hope, I can help you with this information and I wish you a lot of fun with your new vehicle.


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registriert seit: 11.2.2005

  erstellt am 22.02.2005 20:08  eMail  Profil  Zitieren

Hi Andreas, I think you speak/write English very well!

Thank you very much for your reply, it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mads

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registriert seit: 22.3.2004
Kennzeichen: CDN ONE

  erstellt am 23.02.2005 06:44  eMail  Profil  www  Zitieren

Hi there vinter!

I just got my own smart fortwo cdi cabriolet in Canada 6 weeks ago. Mine has the side airbags (all CDN smarts have it), radio/CD (ditto), light package (ditto). I got the pulse package, which in Canada still has the skinny 145 + 175 section tires F/R (on jetline wheels in my case).

The rev counter is mandatory for the cdi, because the torque/power band is so narrow - you will be using it all the time, believe me!

Heated seats are also a must-have item in my opinion.

I also got air conditioning, luggage cover, pollen filter, electric/heated mirrors and the sound package.

Cruise control (tempomat) is not available in Canada, but had it been, I would have ordered it too...

Accessoires: I got two CD holders, the drink holder and floor mats (winter and summer type).

The wind net is not necessary in my experience so far (and desipte it being winter, I have driven extensively with the top lowered completely).

I would skip the fanfare horn and get a FIAMM air horn instead. The fanfare horn is still wimpy!

If you have a chance, check out the Canadian smart forum:

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registriert seit: 26.11.2018

  erstellt am 26.11.2018 14:57  eMail  Profil  Zitieren

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