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Autor Both said that Pillault was mmogdp
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Pillault's mother, Stacy Harkins, affirmed this in a March 2018 interview with The Maple M Mesos Overview. "The same way other households talk whatever their hobbies are, that was like our hobby," she said.

Both said that Pillault was especially obsessed with Columbine, and that he'd planned out how he'd attack Oxford High in a laptop . Pillault repeatedly denied that, and if he testified, he"given to the fact that no weapons, bombs, incendiary materials, substances that may be used to make bombs, or drawings of attack plans" were found in his house. He also reaffirmed that he and another participant had only been"trolling" every other, which he defined as"saying random things to upset" people.

Carter and Pillault's instances are not isolated or rare. Folks have always been senseless using their voice online--maybe more so today than in 2012 when Pillault was arrested. Only this week, Battalion 1944 player SUSPC7 threatened to take up the studio of programmer Bulkhead Interactive--going to so far as to mention the current YouTube HQ shooting--because he hadn't got the unique weapon skin he won in a tournament. When confrontedas you would expect, SUSPC7 stated"it was only a joke." Obviously, even if there is no motive to act on it, making this kind of threat is never funny. Bulkhead settled the episode with an infinitely better joke, so that it never went to the authorities.

Among Pillault's girlfriends came up mmogdp once I spoke with him. He was explaining his history of substance abuse (in his movie, he says he was drunk when he left the threats), and explained he had"a very kind and loving girlfriend" who he"had manipulated into being an enabler" of his alcohol and drug dependence. In the time he left the dangers, Pillault says his alcoholism was"at its lowest point and was very, very brutal."

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